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Game story:

It's the year 2117 technology advancement reaches new peaks.  Human and machine intertwine in perfect harmony as with the help of the neuroweb, a single thought can raise a building, use any machine, connect to anyone on the planet or access all of human history at once.

2120 A program called the Neuromancer takes control of the neuroweb. Man and machine lose free will, as humanity is enslaved, to an unforgiving rule of law and order. Humanity and machines reach a standstill as everything is forced to stay the same. Goodbye change, goodbye dreams.

A malfunction causes a few rogue humans to disconnect from the control of the neuromancer. These few outcasts are hunted to be re-enslaved. They control bits of the neuroweb and use it to fight back. The forces against them are strong but the instinct to survive is stronger.

Game description:

Like tower defenses ? Like Platformers ? Like Survival Games ? Then Cyber
Instinct may be the game for you, the game where you control a friendly
drone, build towers in order to defend yourself from (almost) hordes of
enemies. You use energy (life-force) to build towers and gain energy by
destroying enemy drones. There’s a catch tough, the more energy you
collect the harder will be to move around the map, the more you have,
the harder it gets.


  • move, run, jump, don’t fall, stay alive.
  • avoid enemy drones.
  • build towers to protect yourself.
  • pay attention to your health and speed.

Game controls:

  • movement: A/S or Left/Right-arrows
  • jump: SPACE
  • place towers: 1/2/3


cyber_insinct_1.1.zip 75 MB
cyber_instinct_1.2.zip 75 MB

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